Wednesday, September 10, 2008

So now I am going to explore more. The reception on the 6th was fine, and I met some really nice folks. I got some information on climbing Cat Mountain in Bolton, which I am doing this Sunday. This should get me some breathtaking views of Lake George, and exercise which I badly need since I sit a lot.

There is this thing in me that loves to create, and soak up creativity from nature. I want to make more interesting art, and create pieces which instigate "talk" and conversation. Like this one.

Can you find the tiny people up near the top? I wanted to make this landscape different, and use nonlocal color, along with having one color be predominant. I also wanted to work on the theme of man being insignificant in comparison to nature, hence the smaller size of the hikers at the top, and the fact that nature has worked to create the impasse which they cannot navigate.

This piece is created on paper prepared with gesso, and all the lightest areas were lifted out with a wet brush. It's like sculpting on paper.

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