Tuesday, December 2, 2008

New work

Hello all,

I am finally getting back to this blog and fighting through some tough medical issues and getting back on my feet. It is also that busy time of year, people going here and there and shopping and baking and attending parties.... hopefully you take time out to look at some art and RELAX.

Here is a new piece finished just the other day, and ready for a new show this coming week. I've called it "Paydirt".

I love quarries, and visited the Lehigh quarry in Glens Falls this past spring. It was a great tour, providing attendees with views of the control room, quarry and the HUGE kiln which processes stone into cement. An interesting process and tour overall. I have always loved rocks, equipment and moving and shaking the elements.

One of the themes I am working on is the smallness of man in his environment. Hopefully this piece conveys some of that idea. I want to work on the premise that regardless of how hard man tries to control the environment, it is too big and vast, and we are but a small cog in the machine.

Other ideas and paintings up and coming. Enjoy the holidays!